Prophecy in Context

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In the Olivet Discourse, Christ answers His disciples’ questions about the future. Prophecy in Context offers a fresh perspective on this often misinterpreted portion of Scripture. Bob Shelton addresses each verse in its context, surveying topics such as the timing of the Rapture and what the ten virgins represent. This easy-to-read look at the Olivet Discourse clears the confusion surrounding Christ’s prophetic words.

Through A Great Door

It takes an open door, a call, and a willing heart for a fruitful ministry to be born. These all came to a young man named Bob Shelton, whose ministry took him to Taiwan, the Pescadore Islands, Okinawa, and Viet Nam to minister to hundreds of thousands of Asians throughout the 1950s. Through a Great Door tells of the remarkable work of the Lord that Shelton witnessed and the grace he and his companions received to overcome every trial that accompanied them. Young and old will enjoy Shelton’s vivid testimony of the fact that in any circumstance of life God is enough.

God’s Prophetic Blueprint

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Chart 1 – Daniel’s Seventy Weeks
Chart 2 – Daniel’s Seventieth Week
Chart 3 – Future Events

Chapter 1 The Rapture Of The Church
Chapter 2 The Times of the Gentiles
Chapter 3 Daniel’s Seventy Weeks
Chapter 4 The Coming of Antichrist
Chapter 5 The Satanic Trinity
Chapter 6 The Northern Confederacy Meets the Wrath of God
Chapter 7 When Blind Eyes See
Chapter 8 The Great Tribulation
Chapter 9 The Battle of Armageddon
Chapter 10 Peace at Last
Chapter 11 The Serpent Crawls Through Bible Prophecy
Chapter 12 Unbelievers in Prophecy
Chapter 13 Questions and Answers


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