About Bob Shelton

Dr. Bob Shelton Graduated from Bob Jones University, and went on to preach God’s Word in Taiwan to those in the Chinese army camps under Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Chek. He also evangelized the people of the Pescadores, a chain of islands between Taiwan and Mainland China. After marrying Nancy, he went to Okinawa where they served as first term missionaries. Later they went to Vietnam where they intended to spend the rest of their earthly ministry. They learned the language and entered into a work of evangelism and Bible conferences that took them from one end of the country to the other.

At this time, the Vietcong were in control of the mountains around the Mekong Delta where he lived. Every night they would come down and carry out horrible deeds of terror. People would be dragged screaming into the night, and their bodies would be found the next morning. They had suffered painful deaths. Because many of Shelton’s Christian friends were among those murdered, he confessed to developing a hatred for the Vietcong. Then one day an officer in the Vietnamese army came to him and said, “In a prison camp not far away we have 500 Vietcong prisoners. Would you like to go preach to them?” Shelton hesitated, knowing that some of the men who had killed his friends might be there. But he also knew that God had given him this opportunity and would help him love these men, so he consented. When he finished preaching, about 25 communist guerrillas indicated they had received Christ.

Eventually, they returned to the States for furlough with their three children. (Their daughters, Becki and Shari, were born on Okinawa and their son, Dan, in Saigon.) It was during furlough that the war broke out in Vietnam and they were not able to return to that field to do the work that was so close to their hearts. Following Dr. Savage’s 38 year ministry at First Baptist Church in Pontiac, Michigan the congregation extended the call to Bob to become their next pastor. Many received Christ as Savior. The radio ministry under Pastor Shelton covered the globe and responses came from 36 countries. Perhaps one of the greatest outreaches was the television program, “There Is An Answer,” which weekly saturated the greater Detroit area resulting in the conversion of many people and the edification of countless Christians. Since 1974, the Sheltons have been in a full-time ministry of evangelism and Bible conferences which take them throughout our country and many foreign lands.


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  2. Bob and Denise Griffin

    Dear Bob and Nancy. Isn’ t this age wonderful? We have been wondering about you. Where you were and what you were doing. If you were still walking planet earth. Don’t know if you remember us or not, but I think you will. Bob sang in the Griffin Brothers Quartet in Pontiac, and I was in High School with you one year. I have a picture of us at the Highway Herald meeting 1946, If you would like a copy we would be happy to send it to you. We are in Middleville, Mi. and you came to our house while ministering at the church. You look great. It seems the Lord has blessed you with
    good health. God Bless You as you continue to serve the Lord.
    Bob and Denise

  3. Dear Doctor Bob, I found an old cassette of you from i believe your Preaching at Pastor Gerry Ducketts church some 30 years ago, or at Pastor Allen’s church in Evansville some20 years ago, but which ever i once again enjoyed hearing you bring the word-this one ” Lenin’s four Totals”, on the crowns we can win and the need for christians to have the same dedication of the communists you dealt with in the east. i am
    retired now and am hoping i can get some cds of your ministry to share
    with friends. But wanted to say hi and thanks for your ministry of bible conference speaking i was able to enjoy (by God’s Wonderful Providence) twice in my early years of faith. My best to you and your dear wife nancy and if by chance either or both of you are with the LORD, thanks to those who have the site active. Grace and Peace you all who work this site. by HIS MAGNIFICENT GRACE i am His now some 35 years. Linn Cartner

  4. Pastor Ed Chambless

    Dear Dr. Bob & Nancy:
    What a delight to see you again after several years.
    We so enjoyed the Prophecy Conference messages at the Wilds Senior Conference last week.
    We so appreciate & love both of you.
    Thanks so much for your faithful ministry….
    Pastor Ed Chambless
    Associate Pastor-Mikado Baptist Church-Macon,Georgia

  5. Would love to see you and your lovely wife again sometime. Anything on your schedule for Southeastern West Virginia (I live in Honton, WV). Met you first at our home church in Marina,CA (Pastor Tom Knauf’s church). Then again at a church in Chesapeake, VA just a couple of years ago. I wish that EVERYONE could hear you speak. You are a true blessing!
    God Bless
    Love in Christ,
    Paula Hephner

  6. Some reason The Lord has had you on
    my heart, have been praying for both of you the past year. I pray you are all doing well.

    I’ll never forget your ministry at First Baptist Church. I’ve read how The Lord has still been using you. Praise God!

    I don’t own my accordion anymore, but play piano as a sub at my church.

    I will NEVER forget, brother Bob, when you visited my Dad (Bill Coleman) in the nursing home. My Dad was singing his heart out, hymns, and your eyes tested up as you heard him sing from his heart.

    God bless you both in your ministry. His grace is sufficient for you,

  7. Thank you so much for your interest in my parents, Bob and Nan Shelton. My name is Shari Shelton Hulcy, their second daughter. I am visiting my folks in their home in South Carolina as they are both recovering from severe illnesses that were life-threatening. But God is not through with them or their ministry. We are praising God for His healing and restoring both of them back to good health. Dad will be 85 in two weeks and mom is 82 and they have never had any major health issues, for which we have been so thankful. Dad continues to record messages for their weekly radio broadcasts heard around the world and they still have an abbreviated traveling schedule of meetings. They do not have the capabilities/technology to communicate wirelessly, but Dad has asked that I follow-up with folks who have responded to their website (which is setup by a third party). Please continue to pray for good health, strength and the blessing of God on their ministry.

  8. Christijholder

    Hello my Dear sweet friends…I have never gone to this site before, but Rick and I were just talking about one of my favorite songs, and then our conversation went to you all .
    I’m not sure this will ever reach you, but just in case it does.
    We pray continuously for you!
    We pray for your health, and that it will be restored completely .
    It’s been a tough couple of years for you all, but I am so thankful your all still here to tackle these valleys together.
    Love you all Dearly,
    Christi and Rick
    (Haddad)……Holder 🙂

  9. Hi Rick & Chris, dad has asked me to reply to remarks posted on this site. They will be so tickled to hear from you and blessed that you are keeping them in your prayers. Dad just had his first meeting since his illness (a weekend long and in the next city, Simpsonville) and he was very encourage that God blessed and he was able to preach 3 times! Thank you again for holding them up, my friends. It means so much to all of us. Love, Shari

  10. I enjoyed listening to you.

  11. Just heard your message on “The Do’s and Don’ts of Bible Prophecy.” Touched my heart. Thank you for serving our wonderful Saviour.

  12. Thank you for your encouraging words. I will let my parents know of your contact. Blessings, Shari

  13. Dear Rev. Shelton,
    I am the daughter of Ray and Ena Jackson from First Baptist in Pontiac. You married my husband, Scott, and I in Barnett Chapel 42 years ago, and we are still going strong. Ithink of you often and remember you in prayer. God bless you.
    Mary Barrie

  14. So nice to hear from you, Mary. I will certainly give my parents your message. They will be thrilled to hear that you and Scott are “going strong!” Blessings, Shari

  15. Susan Simpson Rush

    Wow! SO thrilled to find this site! I am Dave Simpson’s daughter, granddaughter of Roy and Edith Simpson. They were active members of First Baptist, Pontiac in the 60’s & 70’s. They moved here to Yuma AZ in about 1977.

  16. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for visiting Dr. Shelton’s website. My parents do not have internet access but will be thrilled to hear that you contacted them. I will be sure to pass this message along. Blessings, Shari Shelton Hulcy

  17. Hi Shari,
    My name is James Miller and my wife is Deanna. I was born again under your Dad’s ministry at First Baptist Pontiac 1962. We live in Auburn Hills (formerly Pontiac Township). Did you teach at Pontiac Christian School at Dexter Rd and Shimmons Rd? We live on Dexter Rd just South of Walton Blvd., and the next street over is Richwood, where I grew up. My Son Joshua lives in the apartments on Patrick Henry St. just off of Dexter within eyesight of the school.
    Shari, I have not been able to find a book your Dad wrote entitled Angels or Guardian Angels. I used to have it, but somehow I lost it. Occasionally, the subject Angels comes up and I wish I had the book. You think you could help me getting a copy?
    I think about your Dad and so glad he and your Mom are doing well and still in the ministry!
    May God continue to bless you all,

  18. Saundra Hetherington Dichiera

    It was so good to see this article on Dr. Shelton. He was my Second Pastor at First Baptist after Dr. Shavge. My Aunt Joy Hetherington use to play the for the Church and accepted the Lord when I was 11. Such a beautiful Church and Loved Dr. Savage (whom baptized me). Each year the Church would send us to Camp and that was the most import time of my life. My Sister was married there and so many fond memories. We Love Dr. Van Impe, who is Dr. Shelton’s Sister. What a great family and I personally knew Dr. Shelton’s Father. They lived down the street from our house off Omar Street, near Pontiac State Bank. Later on in years their house was moved to another location. What an impact was left on my life from this entire family. God Bless you all.

    Saundra Hetherington Dichiera

  19. Thank you for your kind words about our family, Saundra. God has been more than gracious in allowing us to serve Him. Thank you for your prayers for my folks, Bob and Nan Shelton as they navigate this new season that God is orchestrating. They are well into their 80’s and are reflecting on all that God has allowed them to be a part of in building His Kingdom. God bless. Shari (Shelton) Hulcy

  20. Rev. Bob Shelton,
    I talked to you a few years back, but thought I would leave a comment here. You were very instrumental in my life and it was on May 9, 1973 that I received the Lord largely because of your preaching. My wife and I now live in Port Charlotte, Florida and are active in our church. I often reflect on those early days under your preaching. You laid a foundation that other pastors have built upon. But it was under you as my pastor that I grew, learned the Bible, and was put to work serving the Lord. What a testimony to be in your 80’s and still serving Him! Thank you for being my pastor and for being faithful to His Word!

  21. Oh how I love Jesus! I am so blessed every week by your sister Dr.Rexella & Dr. Jack VanImpe!!! How I Praise God you were obedient and led her to Jesus our precious Saviour Thru His Sacrifice on The Cross! I am so grateful you all are sounding the Alarm! Jesus is the only way to heaven & eternal life! God be near you & yours! One day in Christ we will sing praises unto our Precious Saviour! In Christ ~deniese Kline Thatcher

    • We look forward to that day when we will rejoice together in the presence of our Savior. Thank you for your prayers for Bob and Nan Shelton as they continue to minister to others as God allows. Blessings, Shari (Shelton) Hulcy

  22. My parents will be so thrilled to have heard from you, Mr. Riddle. They love to hear stories of how God used their ministry in years past and how God continues to use those foundations to strengthen His people. Blessings in your service for the Kingdom. Blessings, Shari (Shelton) Hulcy

  23. Carol Farner Johnson

    Just came across this site. Think of Dr. Shelton and Nancy often. We grew up in First Baptist and Dr. Shelton did our wedding in 1965, and then did a renewal of vows for us in 2011 on our 46th anniversary when in was speaking in Lansing, Michigan. Last November we celebrated 50 years together. Hope for continued good health for them both.

    • Thank you for your message, Carol. I will relay your words to my folks and they will be thrilled to hear from you. Their ministry is limited during this season in their lives, but they are grateful that God has allowed them 63 years together with wonderful memories of fruitful ministry. Richest blessings to you and your family. Shari (Shelton) Hulcy

  24. Gayle Compton

    Shari. I have been wondering about the health of your Mom and Dad, as well as Jack and Rexella. I know they have all had severe health problems and I continue to pray for them. I have not heard anything recently .Any updates? Please give them a HUG for us! They were so instrumental in our lives. Sending prayers for all.

  25. Hi Gayle, so good to hear from you. We missed you and Ken at White Lake, but God is sovereign in moving us where we can best serve Him. Dad and Mom are well at 87 and 83. As you know, mom had a stroke a couple of years ago, but with very few residual effects. She does, however, continue to black out and that ends in a trip to the emergency room. I think they are both weary because Dad cannot leave her so his traveling ministry is done. He still has his radio ministry, but this is definitely a new (and unfamiliar season) in their lives. My uncle and aunt feel that God has given them a new message for this time as God literally raised Uncle Jack off his death bed. We never expected him to live through that ordeal. They are doing fairly well, but the illness definitely weakened Uncle Jack. Thank you for asking and I will let my folks know you are praying for them. That will mean a lot. I hope your health is good, Gayle. Blessings to you and your family.

  26. I remember my pastor as a child. Members of my family were greatly moved to go into the ministry because of Pastor Shelton. I remember attending Sunday School with his daughters. I happened to go up to the First Baptist Church in Pontiac last Sunday and peek in the windows. It is now the Salvation Army but I still remember pretty much every inch of that chuch because I was there alot.
    God Bless…Minister Marilyn Muzik, one of the eight Muzik children

    • Hi Marilyn! So good to hear from you! I have great memories as well from our years at First Baptist. When the church body moved to White Lake and merged with Woodside Bible Church, they asked my husband, Brad to be the Campus Pastor. It was scary and exciting at the same time to revisit some dear friends from the past. We were there almost 10 years before Brad was called back to the Troy Campus (where we have been for almost 35 years). God has been so good to our family and we are continually grateful for the godly heritage He has given. We have 2 kids (both married to sweet believers) and 4 grands (the BEST!). My brother Dan lost his wife, Kim to a drunk driver almost 4 years ago so that was a deep heartache. He has 2 sons. My sister Becky & her husband had 2 kids as well, but Matthew (27) passed away in his sleep just this past Dec. 4. He was a healthy, vibrant attorney and that has been a crushing devastation for us all. They have 1 daughter, Laura. Mom & dad don’t get out much except for errands going to church and occasional lunches with friends. Dad will be 88 in June and mom just turned 85. Dad’s radio program continues to go out every week. We are so grateful that God has given them each other and that they are still relatively healthy. If you are in Troy, please drop by the Woodside campus! Blessings

  27. Larry and Nancy Pennington

    Pastor Shelton, It’s Larry and Nancy (Farms) Pennington. We were married 1/14/1967 by you in Pontiac, MI. We celebrated our 50th anniversary last week. Thank You for being in our lives. Larry and Nancy

    • Congratulations, Larry & Nancy! What an incredible milestone. My folks were so thrilled to hear of this landmark occasion. These are the memories that they cherish. Thank you for your continued prayers for them. Blessings, Shari

  28. Shari, I have never met your parents, but admire the work they have done for the Lord. What a wonderful testimony and legacy to leave for generations. You father has been on the Board of Reference for Continental Baptist Missions for many years. My husband, Bill Jenkin, has been the president for the past 11 years following the ministry of Jerry Webber. I have been sending the CBM Board booklets and minutes to your father and will continue to do so. As I read the comments here, I am impressed to pray for your parents; for your mom as she has the residual effects from a stroke and for your father as he continues to serve the Lord through the radio.

    • Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my folks, Terri. God has allowed them to remain together after 65 years of marriage and to continue to serve the Lord in this season of life. They appreciated hearing from you and trust that God continues to bless your work.

  29. Marilyn K Muzik

    I remember when we went to SundaySchool together. Christie Hadad was one of your bestfriends. My mom and dad have passed away now. I went by First Baptist of Pontiac about 6 months ago. It is now the Salvation Army but…nothing really has changed. It is now consideted a landmark. Had alot Of memories there. Your dad married my sister Joann. She still is married! All of the Muzik kids are still alive. I am a teacher and minister.

  30. Marilyn K Muzik

    I just got your message Shari. I sent another just yesterday. I am a teacher in Howell, mi at Three Fires Elementary. I’m glad youve become ministers. Two of my brothers, my sister, and myself are ministers also. I’m getting ready to retire and I want to start a nonprofit to feed and educate kids in the north Flint area. My Bishop Ben Gibert of Detroit World Outreach passed away unexpectedly this week. Please pray for all of us @DWO. Marilyn Muzik

    • Marilyn K Muzik


  31. So sorry to hear of the passing of your pastor. Thank you for the updates on your family. Sounds like your folks raised a wonderful family.
    Funny, but my aunt only has 2 nieces, my sister and myself. I’m not sure who your neighbor would be? Good to hear from you. Blessings

  32. Marilyn K Muzik

    Hi Shari, does Tasha Merrill sound familiar?Maybe i heard her wrong or we were talking about 2 different people. Dont know…but anyway, nice hearing from you. Keep in touch.

  33. Don’t recognize the name, Marilyn. My aunt had 2 brothers, my dad and my Uncle Don. He has passed and my folks live in Greenville. It’s just us 3 kids, me, my sister Becky and brother, Dan. Blessings to you!

  34. Marilyn K Muzik

    Hi Sheri,
    Have the day off. We are having a Memorial Service for my Bishop, Ben Gibert at DWO today. Thank you for the info. Tosha may of heard me incorrectly or vice versa. My family says hello. I told them we have corresponded. Keep in touch.
    Your sis in Christ,

  35. Shari, wondering how Dan is doing. He was my roommate in 1978-1979. Haven’t seen him since. Thanks, Eric Johansen.

  36. Hi Eric, Thanks for inquiring about Dan. He is the father of 2 boys, 1 finishing his degree at Liberty and the other married with 2 daughters. Dan loves those girls and gratefully God knew they would help to fill his life. Dan’s wife, Kim was killed by a drunk driver almost 4 years ago. They had been married almost 25 years. We all miss this sweet, godly woman. Dan continues as a Respiratory Therapist in the Port Huron area but loves more than anything to spend time with family. I have included his email address if you would like to drop him a note. I know he would like to hear from you. Trust God is blessing your life.

  37. Hi Dr. & Mrs. Shelton,
    It’s been a long while since our paths have crossed. I would love to see you again and introduce you to my boys. Your ministry had a major impact on my life as a teenager and all throughout college til now. I think of you very often. Praying for optimal health and God to bless your ministry.


    Joy Kittrell Jahandar

  38. Michael Miller

    Pastor Bob & Nancy Shelton, The Christ inspired lives you led in Pontiac, inspired many to press on in Jesus’ name. I am Michael Miller and was a young aspiring musician during your time at FBC Pontiac. I have now been in church music ministry for over 40 years. Your daughter Becky and I would present piano and organ duets on Sunday evenings when Bob Kiteley and Nancy Messner were not on the organ and piano. Bob Kiiteley and I assisted 1st Baptist Pontiac in locating a 3 manual church organ in the early 1990’s after they moved to White Lake Twp. I have now been in Tennessee for over 12 years. When I moved here, I did not realize that I would be reunited with Bob & Carolyn Kiteley and live less than 15 miles away. In early 2006, I sat next to Bob and assisted him in sequencing recorded music of his organ playing that would eventually be used during Bob’s funeral and memorial services. Less than four months later, Bob was called home to be with The Lord. I was asked by Carolyn and their daughters to be the organist at Bob’s funeral service at 1st Baptist Church of Mt Juliet, TN. and later that year to be the organist at Bob’s memorial service at Grosse Pointe Baptist Church in Michigan. We serve an amazing God. Praise be to Him!

    • Hi Mike, my parents will be thrilled to hear from you. My husband, Brad and I served at Woodside Bible in White Lake for almost 10 years after we merged with First Baptist in Pontiac. It was such an honor to be serving in the church that my Dad had once pastored. Of course, your family was there and Lin was Brad’s admin and we served together in Women’s Ministry. We also had the privilege of traveling to Thailand with her and Steve. So yes, we serve an amazing God. I will be sure to let my parents know of all of your news and I know they would wish for God’s continued blessing on your music ministry. Shari (Shelton) Hulcy

    • I live in Mt. Juliet Tennessee. I also went to first baptist in Mt.Juliet. My daughter was Amy Dunlap now Amy Haight. We were sadden by Bob Kitley’ death. Bob and Nans son Danny have the same birthday. 21 July. Bob Dunlap is my name. Blessed memories of the Shelton families. Bobby D.

  39. Scott Sheppard

    Hi Shari, what a wonderful discovery is this message thread! My name is Scott Sheppard, I am another of your contemporaries from First Baptist Church Pontiac. Your dad and mom are among the Lord’s greatest blessings in my life! I have spent most of my adult life in California, and had the incredible privilege of spending several evenings with your dad in Southern California when he was here in the late 1970s. Since then I have talked with him on the telephone occasionally. Please tell your parents that I love and so appreciate them and that I pray for God’s continued blessings on them!

  40. Hi Scott, I just read your post to my parents and they were absolutely thrilled. They said to tell you that messages like yours encourage and strengthen them during these days. They are 88 and 85 years old and we thank God that they still have each other and are in reasonably good health. They have a great church family and are in the same house that they moved into when I went away to high school in Greenville, SC. Thank you for lifting them up as God brings them to your mind. Blessings to you and your family.

  41. I appreciate it very much brother Shelton’s Ministry. While preaching a meeting at Pear Park Baptist Church in Grand Junction, Colorado several years ago, Dr. Shelton took time to discuss with me the issue of pre Wrath rapture and why it is an unscriptural position. I had been reading a book about that topic and he patiently reviewed it with me. I’ve always enjoyed listening to his prophecy broadcasts. Blessings to this great servant of God and his blessed wife.

    • Thank you for these kinds words. I will be sure to share them with my Dad who will soon be 90 years old. God has been so good to my parents and we are trusting that He will continue to minister to them as they look for His soon return. Blessings, Shari Shelton Hulcy

  42. In going through my small library of books, I came across 2 books of Dr. Shelton’s. “God’s Prophetic Blueprint & “Prophecy in Context”. I plan to use them in discussing End Time Prophecy with my daughter this evening. We met Dr. Shelton & Nan at Tri City Baptist Church on 2 different occasions back in mid 2000s. They were such lovable people & I will never forget them. J. Kathy Coulson

    • Thank you for sharing Dad’s books. Even though he is not in active ministry, he is so grateful that God is still using his radio broadcast as well as his prophecy books to encourage and challenge others. I will let my parents know of your kind words. God’s very best. Shari Shelton Hulcy

  43. Sandy L Parrott DDS

    Dear Bob and Nan, I just read in the Deckerville Bible Church prayer report. So sorry to hear you are ailing. Just wanted to remind
    you of the significant impact you had on my life. I dedicated my life to the Lord under your ministry at Good News Camp shortly after you came home from Vietnam. Then when I was a dentist in Vietnam, I saw you, Lehman Strauss and Steven Oldford standing on a street corner in Saigon. When I went back you were gone, BUT it led me to a Christian service mens home behind a Christian and Missionary Alliance book store behind their bookstore. I would never have known it was there if I hadn’t seen you on that corner. You have played a VERY significant role in my walk with the Lord. May God hold you in His arms as you go forward until you recover or He takes you home to be with Him!! My love and prayers,
    Sandy L Parrott DDS Proverb 3:5&6.

    • What a precious letter, Sandy. I can just picture my dad standing on that street corner in Saigon with his dear friend, Lehman. So many of their memories today are of those years in Vietnam. Dad was taken to emergency three weeks ago with a tear in his Ascending Aorta. There is no human reasoning why he should be here today as the doctors said this heart issue would have killed a 50-year-old immediately. Dad is 90 and ready to be with the Lord, but we keep reminding him that it is not God’s time. I’d love for you to read some of the posts I put on Facebook while spending nights with my dad in the hospital and the subsequent days. I am his second daughter, Shari Hulcy. I have an older sister named Becky who along with myself was born in Okinawa and a younger brother, Dan who was born in Saigon. We treasure those memories forever. I will make sure and relay this very timely message to my dad, Sandy. God’s richest blessings as you continue to serve Him.

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  44. We are saddened for Earth’s loss but rejoicing for Bob Shelton’s promotion to Glory. Our prayers are for God’s grace to be evident to the family especially during this time.
    Dave and Claudia Brien
    Taylors, SC

  45. Rev. Dr. Richard Ziemer

    Just heard Rev Shelton speak on BBN Conference Pulpit 12/9/2020. I read He is a graduate of BJU.
    So am I, and glad that I heard his message on Psalm 23.

  46. So sorry to hear of the loss of Pastor Shelton and his sweet wife. I have so many wonderful memories of First Baptist. Sitting in pastor Sheltons office, a cacoon of love, wading through the baptismal, terrified! But led by the trust on his face. Sitting in the balcony while they recorded “Hour of Power”(?) and Bob Kiteleys organ rumbling through the church. Tis a Glorious Church! Pastors and friends over for dinner at our home. The imprint of faith, and their pure love of God, has stayed with me always. I will never forget that church, or the people, and the families who helped shape my life.
    Gaia (Morrow) Klass

  47. William Phillips

    Rev. Shelton brought me to christ. I was brought up in a very bad adopted home. Christ under the ministry of Rev Shelton helped me in so many ways. Would live to hear from some one who worshipped at the First Baptist Church of Pontiac. During 1957 thru 1965.

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